Down the Danube #12 – News, Social and the Not-so-Never-Ending Story

Welcome back to the River Danube, where after a successful spell with Bulgaria’s CSKA Sofia, Frank M. Athlete is now on the hunt for his third job as he continues his pursuit for greatness as a Football Manager. In this episode, we’ll find out how Frank got on finding new employment, plus I’ll discuss my […]

Down the Danube | #11 – League Reviews

Welcome back to Sofia where after three consecutive league titles, CSKA Sofia will do battle and attempt a fourth championship while furthering their standing in the Champions League. As we enter Frank’s fifth year in Bulgaria, we’ll also take a look at the leagues we’ve played in so far and I’ll share my thoughts on […]

Down the Danube | #10 – Squad Rotation

Welcome back to Bulgaria where two time First League champions CSKA Sofia begin the defence of their title, while also looking to go one step further on last year in their campaign for a first League Cup win under Frank’s leadership. I’ll also discuss my approach to squad rotation as the games continue to come […]

Down the Danube | #9 – Youth Development (Part II)

Welcome back to the second part of this update, as we find out how the 2027/28 season concluded in Bulgaria’s First League, plus we’ll see how Frank’s CSKA Sofia side fared in the League Cup and the Europa Conference League competitions as well. Later on, i’ll also reveal the results from my Youth Development experiment […]

Down the Danube | #8 – Youth Development (Part I)

Welcome back to Bulgaria where First League winners CSKA Sofia are preparing to defend their title in the upcoming 2027/28 season, plus there’s Frank’s first foray into Champions League football. Since the season I’m updating you on here turned out to be quite a long one, I’ve split the Save Update in to two blog […]

Down the Danube | #7 – Core Attributes

Welcome back to Bulgaria where we’ll be joining Frank Athlete for an update on how his first full season in charge of CSKA Sofia went. Since recruitment was front and centre for Frank over pre-season, I’ll also cover what I look for in a new player, and in particular what my personal focus is on […]

Down the Danube | #6 – Setting Up at a New Club

Welcome in to a farewell edition as Frank Athlete begins his final campaign with Farul Constanta in the Romanian Liga I. In this update I’ll cover how his last year at the club went along with his job hunt for a new challenge. I’ll also give you a run through of my approach to the […]

Down the Danube | #5 – Troubleshooting a Tactic

Hello again, and welcome back to Constanta. You join us at the start of our second season in Liga I, after we miraculously survived the last campaign. In this update we’ll find out how Frank Athlete’s men got on this time, plus I’ll share my process for troubleshooting my tactic when things haven’t gone well. […]

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